Which Mizuno iron model is best for me?


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Apr 7, 2009
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Had to pick up on this as the question gets asked over and over again. Quite a few golf sites are using google to gather traffic on the subject - without giving a very good answer. There's a very decent starting point on the main site. Based on sensible logic by Chris Voshall. If i was a fitter or golfer, it's a pretty good place to start. If anyone wants to have a go and post what it throws up (and whether it makes sense), i'd be curious to read the replies.


Best Mizuno irons for a very low handicap
Mizuno Pro 221 is now our most used iron on tour - with the JPX923 Tour probably in second spot. A very personal choice either way - good players tend to see very small differences. The ease of use of modern blades and the way they can be blended with other more forgiving models in the long irons make the 221 more prolific than previous musclebacks. There will always be exceptions - eg: the great player with moderate swing speed who needs a bit more energy to the ball (Mizuno Pro 223 or 225).

Best Mizuno irons for a low handicap
The Mizuno Pro 223 or JPX923 Tour offer something slightly different to each other, but would both deserve a test. The JPX923 Tour arguably has a little more feel and ability to work the ball. The Mizuno Pro 223 has a little more speed from the face. Both are very compact over the ball - so small differences that you'll only distinguish from hitting both. There could be an argument for choosing depending on which long iron replacement you prefer - a JPX923 Hot Metal Pro or Forged vs a Mizuno Pro 225 or Fli-Hi.

Best Mizuno irons for a mid handicap
This is where you have the most options - Mizuno Pro 225, JPX923 Forged or JPX923 Hot Metal Pro. In a fitting session, we tend to see a 50/50 split between the players who choose the Mizuno Pro 225 over the JPX923 Forged. Very personal in terms of which feel players prefer. Then the Hot Metal Pro comes in for players who really need the extra ball speed and distance.

Best Mizuno irons for a high handicap
JPX923 Hot Metal or Hot Metal HL. The HL (High Launch) for players with slower swing speeds who need help with launch (140 yards and less with the 7 iron). The exception would be someone starting before the age of 30, with a lot of athleticism, speed and commitment to play a lot of golf - a fitter might see a consistent central strike pattern and push straight to the JPX923 Forged - that will suit the player a year down the line.

For all that - there are always exceptions. Have a play with the Selector tool - but more important, know it's just a guide. There's more to golf than the scores we shoot. We have to love what we're playing too.
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Jul 24, 2009
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Interesting read @MPX … I’m currently looking at replacing my irons or at least trying the new range.
Currently have MP5 Pw-6 and 64’s 5-3.. so I’m thinking 221 and 223 could be a good blended set…
but will have to go and try them…
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