MP-20 custom fit question

Feb 26, 2021
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Papago GC
Mizuno / MP-60 / 3-PW
Titleist / D3 / 9.5
I've finally come around to replacing my MP-60s that I was fitted for back in 2007 with my swing coach. I was hoping to get the forums advice on determining the specification of a new set of Mizuno's MP-20s.

Yesterday I went to a local fitting and found that the 7i MP-20-MMC with a KBS C-TAPER shaft produced the lowest spin, high trajectory, and furthest distance. With the standard fit MMC club, the lie angle impact decals showed that I was making contact on the toe. However, all of my ball spins were slightly to the left. This caused my fitter to be hesitant to add the same specs of my current MP-60s (+0.5" length and 2UP lie) to a new set of MP-20s. His fear was that I would be hitting the ball more to the left with a more up right lie from the standard fit. (Perhaps this is due to the added tungsten in the toe of the MMCs or just the way I was swinging that hour.)

I know this is hard to determine online, but I would love to get some knowledgeable input. Would the same length and lie I determined on the MP-60s still apply to a new set of MP-20s? My thought was to do a combination of different MP-20 irons with the blades for the shorter irons and the MMCs/HMBs for the longer irons.

Here is what I had in mind:


Let me know your thoughts!

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