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Oct 6, 2012
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Lakeside Golf Vammala, Finland
It's very likely the season is over for me. But I almost finished the season with style the other day making back-to-back birdies on the last two holes hitting the approach shots with 3 and 5 irons, both within 5 feet of the hole. With another birdie on the 10th, it could've been a pretty good day if not for the four blobs. :D

But as there was still some daylight left after the round, I decided to play a couple of more holes on the other course. The real trouble started on the fifth hole when it became very problematic to see the ball. Darkness combined with balls plugging in the wet fairways made life a wee bit difficult. I never found my tee shot on the 8th but then found two plugged balls on the 9th fairway quite close to mine. :) It's definitely an experience to play when you can't see anything. all you have is the feel and the sounds.
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