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Jun 18, 2019
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JPX919 hot metal pro 4-gw
Cobra f9+ hazardous black stiff
New to this forum and new JPX919 Hot Metal Pro owner. Do these irons have to be heat treated to have lie angle adjustments made. Thx for the help

Steve Smith

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Jun 16, 2014
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My understanding is that Chromoly can be adjusted in lie and loft without heating. It is basically still steel but infused with Chromium and Molybdenum which produces an incredibly strong yet malleable alloy so able to make thin face irons that are strong but not brittle. It has been used in performance bicycles for a while now. Titanium is fine for drivers, it is very strong and light but it is hard and unforgiving. That is why Titanium irons never really took off about 20 years ago. Heating any metal to change the shape is not a great idea, it will just weaken the club. Best to leave it to the forging experts Mizuno :)
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