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    Equipment specs

    Hi all I had a custom fitting at a local golf club (where I used to live) and the Pro there ordered my Mizuno irons (see beolow). I'd like to know exactly what specs my clubs are (due to my height I think they're an inch longer) but my contact at the golf club is no longer there and others...
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    Mizuno Sandy Lyle Limited Irons

    I have had some Mizuno Sandy Lyle Limited irons sitting in my garage for a while now, and I wanted to know when they were released and their stock specs. If anyone knows anything about them it would be appreciated.
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    Head weights affecting feel?

    I know that Mizuno have two different heads for different club lengths/shaft weights. Won't the weight of the head affect overall feel/performance of the club? How much do the head weights vary?
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    Hi Guys, I'm hoping somebody out there can help me in a search for similar Mizuno Irons to upgrade my current MP52's. I have tested quite a few over the past 12 months but unfortunately NOTHING can come close to the affection and trust I have in my MP52's!! I know they are many many years old...
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