Dynamic Gold 120 or AMT White?


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Jun 25, 2009
North Yorkshire
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Having tried several different shafts over the years, I think the DG XP S300 (replaced by XP115?) probably suited me best when I had them a few years ago. I always thought the standard DG S300 would be too heavy or stiff for me to use, but started to use an old MP32 6 Iron for practicing. I hit it quite well and it felt good, and I have since used them in MP5 and MP54 sets.

I really fancied trying a set of irons with the AMT shafts, thinking they would play somewhere between the DG XP and the DG. So, I am thinking of a set of JPX919 forged and now see that the DG 120 is offered as custom fit. Question is, do I go for AMT or 120? I am assuming that the 6/7 iron in each will be similar (weight wise) so testing at a fitting centre will not give the answer. The only reasoning I can come up with is would I prefer to use lighter shafts in the long irons (& heavier in the short irons) or keep constant weight throughout.

Any thoughts? Great if somebody has experience of the two shafts... Come on Hursty, share your opinion.. :)
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