Club options? Advice needed.

Oct 17, 2018
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United Kingdom
Ping G400
Hi All, first post in here, be gentle. This may be a bit of an odd one but bear with me!

So I’m 36, I started playing golf again about a year ago after a few (6) years off but I had never taken it seriously before.

I’ve had about 10 lessons over the year initially one a fortnight and now one maybe every 6 weeks to refine things. So around feb this year I was ‘fitted’ for some rogues and whilst I did ok with them I could never hit the 6 or 5i consistently. (very low loft maybe?). Anyway there was a fault and all the irons were sent back to Callaway. I was due to go on holiday where I planned to play a few rounds so I decided to try some MP18’s randomly off the shelf, I figured that they wouldn’t mask my errors and I would know what I am doing wrong and had my Rogues to fall back on if I didn’t like them. Without doubt my ball striking has improved tenfold in the 2 months of having them. When I returned for a lesson my PGA Pro whom has been teaching me said he would look at me hitting both the Callaway (New replaced FOC) and the MP18’s and go from there. He said that he had never seen me strike the ball as well as I was and we didn’t bother with the rogues. I can even hit down to a 5i consistently.

The issue is we both know that these clubs are not the right clubs for me, I am losing about 1 club in length and he is a Ping player and said the i500 might be the way to go. Last night I went to try the i500. My MP18’s have a DG S300 shaft and we tried an R300 which gave me about 155 carry and 166 total with a swing speed of 76mph using a 6i. I was just about getting 150 yds carry with the i500 7i with the same lighter shaft. The dispersion did seem tighter though.

One thing that struck me though is that a figure of 34deg right of club path was showing and then 20 deg R using flightscope, that’s huge and I can’t see that being correct as I use a neutral grip and the ball did go a tad right but not a block right. So I’m not sure what to do, second opinion? The ping i500 7 iron is about the same loft as my MP18 6i so the distance is pretty much the same given the club. Do I just get some R300 shafts put in my heads or do I try some JPX 919 Forged clubs. My issue is I don’t like hitting a 6i into a 150-160 par 3 as it may struggle to stop in the summer. Having said that the spin was up at over 8000 and the i500 was showing about 4000rpm for the 7i.

For an idea on my game, I am not a big hitter, but off the white tees on a tough (ex british masters) course in a club comp I have had 25 points on the front 9 only to blow up on the back 9. I have been told I’m an accident waiting to happen with regards to a big score and cut. So I can hit the ball well, it’s my head that goes……

Am I thinking too much? I am based in the North east of England and happy to travel if required.
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