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Dec 17, 2018
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Well the weather seems to be bad for most of us. I find myself trawling the Internet. It normally ends up with me buying something. Apart from golf clubs what have you bought recently.

I ordered a Mizuno onboard hand luggage a couple of days ago
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Mar 25, 2014
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I actually need to find a new suitcase I could carry onboard. The one I have that I've walked on the planes with for years, all of a sudden is 2" too tall.

I need to find a new putter grip. I have one of the Taylormade Ghost Spyder putters, the one that looks like the Starship Enterprise... It came to me with one of the fat grips on it. Regardless that my hands are huge and I do use jumbo grips on my clubs, for some reason I don't like that fat grip on the putter.

I have 2 rain jackets, so needless to say, I tore the rain pants and need to replace them.

I guess I need to make my annual contribution to the USGA so they will send me a useless cheap hat, another copy of the rule book and a plastic bag tag to proudly show my support for the gods in Far Hills, New Jersey.
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