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Oct 6, 2012
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Lakeside Golf Vammala, Finland
I think I've done all of my purchases for this season!

The 22º JPX 900 was the best hybrid I've hit since my 18º Nike Sumo hybrid but I couldn't give up my 3 iron for it. There were days I simply couldn't hit the hybrid (usually the issue was hitting them very thin) but I got the chance to try a 19º CLK and after spending a couple of weeks searching for the JPX, I woke up on a Sunday morning to see I had won a bid for a CLK on eBay. Unfortunately it didn't really pan out on the course but last week I finally found a reasonably-priced JPX with the right shaft. With two heads, two shafts and 8 loft/lie settings, maybe there's one good hybrid for me somewhere in there. :)

I can't wait to try the 900 out on the course but there's a slight, white problem with that. :D

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