The Open - Your Thoughts?

Steve Smith

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Jun 16, 2014
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Sounds like a great experience MPX - Links golf is very much like that in my experience, seems pretty straightforward until you make a mistake & then it's like the end of the world! - On a "normal" course a bad shot results in a double bogey, a similar mistake on the links results in a cricket score! - As I have mentioned here before, my brother plays at Ballyliffin in ROI - If I played there as my main course my handicap would probably be double what it is now? - My most lofted wedge is a 58 but there I would definitely have a 62 or 64 :eek:
You lucky bar steward ha ha !
Seriously though, couple of points to make.
Bunkers.. stupid, revetted on both sides for that authentic links look to please the US visitors paying 400 dollars for the "original experience"
What a load of twaddle, bunkers were never revetted all the way around only at the front, even in old Tommys day. Its a joke, bunkers should be punitive but not get an unplayable lie and have to hit it sideways or backwards to get out, especially when the magins of the ground are made to capture the ground into the bunkers. Bunkers should have a bowl shaped base to at least allow the ball to run down into the middle to give you a chance.
But the revetting means the base is flat and the ball hits the bunker wall and just drops and sits in an impossible position, its crap..
Second point - 17 at Hoylake, what a joke, the members are campaigning to get rid of it and rightly so.
What is the obsession with having a signature hole like Sawgrass? I hate that hole.
Brian thoroughly deserved to win, he was the best player all week, its nice that soneone with craft wins for a change instead of the sloggers and I am ashamed of those drunken yobs that were heckling him, he handled it very well and they do not represent UK golf fans.
Rant over 😊😊😇😇🥰🥰
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