ST 190 Fairway Head Size

Feb 8, 2019
Local club/country
So now these are out, I really would like to know what the head size is of the two 3 metals. Last year's GT180 TS is a tiny 138cc. I was wondering if the normal ST190 is more comparable to the st180 or bigger. Cheers.

My other question is depth of the face - does the crown still sit below or at least the same height of the ball? These look so good but it might end up coming about that I got last years.
Oct 17, 2018
Local club/country
Knole Park
MP5, S300, 1* flat, 2* strong
Ping G400 8.5*, HZRDUS X-Stiff
I ordered the ST adjustable version, turned up yesterday. Can't give you anymore technical info than the post above, however just a word on how they look. They look amazing, very nice size of head at address, not small so confidence boosting. I quite like a deeper face 3 wood, currently playing the G400 and that is a very shallow head, constantly thinking I might put a sky mark on it when hitting it off the tee. I'm looking for a solid 3 wood off the tee, not so bothered about FW shots, so I'm hoping this will be baby when I take it out on the course.

Hope that bit of waffle helps.
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