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Jun 3, 2018
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I am just not sure if I should go MP 18 or MP 18 SC? Please advise so as to make my decision easier. I play off a 12 handicap.

Thinking of going with the following setup:
3-5 fli hi irons, but uncertain about taking the 5 in fli hi, should I rather go with a MP 18 / SC 5 iron?
5/6-PW (depends on your advice - either MP 18 or MP 18 SC)
Shafts NS Pro modus tour 120 X flex (120 gram)
Grips new decade multi compound align 60
3 new S18 gun metal wedges - same shafts and grips as irons
52 / 09
56 / 10
60 / 10

The only real concern is with the lofts of the fli hi vs MP18 irons, seems like there will be a gapping problem when it comes to the MP 18 6 (30)
Fli hi - 3 (19) 4 (22) 5 (25)
MP 18- 3 (21) 4 (24) 5 (27), however I believe that I can select traditional lofts for the fli hi irons?

I would like swing weight to be D4 to D5. My Ping are D3. Not sure if I can do this. Mizuno lists swing weight as D0-D3, this for me is a bit lite. Can I at least go D3-D4.

Suggestions please.
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