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Aug 22, 2020
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Afternoon all

Anyone else have problems getting through to the UK Mizono Golf customer services team (Tel: 0118 9362 147)? Spent nearly 3 hours on hold the last 2 days. Yesterday for 50-odd minutes and today for 2 hours before I was cut off. Truly frustrating.


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Apr 7, 2009
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Hi Rick- are you a consumer or a retailer?

We're in the middle of an incredibly strange time at the moment. It's far from ideal and we would rather we/you weren't in this position - last week we had to turn the phones off for a period, to allow our teams to process orders. We were in a position that answering the phones was slowing down our ability to process......which is the reason for so many calls. Vicious circle. We have recruited new people - but takes time to get everyone upto speed.

The number of custom orders is beyond what we've ever had to process - keeps feeling like normality is returning, but then it surges again. Not something to complain about - there are plenty of businesses that would love to be in this position right now. But it is a strangely tough time for everyone working here in customer service and the factory.

Phones are now back on for morning calls. We're asking retailers to email in - but again, we are struggling to keep pace on that as well. Takes us several days to get to new emails.

Not a great answer, but we're working our way through this period the best we can. Meanwhile, apologies for the frustration. Everyone here is working round the clock to try and get back to a level of normality.
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