Mizuno Golf Open


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Dec 3, 2015
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This will be the 50ty anniversary year of this comp.

From google translate:-
The Mizuno Open, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2020 this year, was born as a Mizuno Tournament Golf in 1971. The pages engraved over the last half century have produced many dramas, and have drawn many exciting battles leading to the world's oldest major tournament.
It was positioned as a tour competition at the same time as the tour took place in 1983. Until the 20th tournament in 1990, the tournament had its own unique colors, such as co-hosted by men and women.
In addition, a qualifying round for the British Open started in 1993, and the title of the tournament was changed to "The Road to the British: Mizuno Open" from the 28th Tournament in 1998. Many golfers remember that as the top players in the tournament can get tickets for the British Open, the connection with the British Open will deepen, and it will be the world's oldest major It was engraved.
How will the Mizuno Open, which has been shaped over the years, change and change its shape? This year marks the 50th anniversary. A new door to history is now open. "
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