JPX 921, delivery time now 4 months and counting

Apr 6, 2021
Local club/country
Vihti, Finland
I have ordered Jpx921 irons in mid December. Retailer promised 2-4 weeks. Couple months went by and I started to ask where the Irons were. I find out there is a shortage for clubheads. Okay.. I understand that. That point I went to your webpage and there was everything explained on the front page. It stated that it could be even 3 months. Well that's fine, it was a winter time.

After 3 months on March 11.. I started to ask what is going on in your Swedish customer service, (we don't have customer service in Finland) because I didn't have any help from retailer. That same day I found out that clubs are ready to ship "but there is a problem with ups"

After ten days I asked again and got an answer that the club had been sent (march 23.) and I got UPS a tracking number.

After that clubs have been stuck over a week in the UK, and now a couple weeks in Netherlands. It is looping like: "Delivery day xx --> delay--> import scan--> new delivery day (+ 3 work days for previous one) --> delay--> import scan and so on. It has now done that about five times.

I have sent multiple messages in your Swedish customer service. And told them that I have called UPS a couple times and my family member works in UPS: Message from UPS is that there are no massive problems with UPS like Mizuno has told me several times is the case why the clubs haven't come. I also ordered clubs from the golf bidder UK--> Finland. It took 6 work days.

UPS has told me that there are probably some document's missing and asked me to inform the sender to contact them. I inform you on March 30, Swedish customer service. They did nothing, not even answer me back. After 9 days I asked again. I got a reply that "there are problems in UPS... ." And there is a delivery date.. Even I had explained this thing a couple times before. After that I explained again, and at the same time UPS-tracking switch 9.4--> delay..

At that point April 8. your customer service sends a message" Let me speak with our customer service manager" Haven't got a reply yet.

I have also sent you a complaint in this hole matter on your contact us-section, about a week ago. Surprise , no replays.

So in a nutshell: I understand component shortage. It is not a problem. Problem is that clubs have been ready at least for 5 weeks, probably more. It is ridiculous that it is impossible to get anyone to find out what the problems are and fix it. Or Is your company police just ignoring customers' problems and messages and hoping that issues are resolved magically on their own without dealing with it?

If the company has some kind of customer service, please contact me in my email. It's on my profile. I will gladly give more information about the order. Also I would like to know if your company is taking any responsibility for the matter and has an idea how to make this thing right? I have had to use lot's of time and energy to try to get someone to do something that leads to getting clubs in Finland. I ordered the clubs in December because I wanted to get those when the season starts. It started 3 weeks ago and I don't have my own clubs.
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