JPX 919 Split Set


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Jan 26, 2019
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Golfclub Hamburg-Holm

I almost felt in love with the JPX 919 line, specially the tour.
Iam a 3 hcp with mid quality ball striking skills with my irons (steady drives as well as short game is my key to success).

As I´m coming from 716 AP2 which never fit me perfectly over 3 seasons I would like to build up a split set of JPX 919 with forged in the long/upper mid range and the tours in the short irons. After hitting both demo 7 irons I won´t see a problem playing the tours from 7 or 8 to PW as they are way more forgiving or more playable as my AP2.

Now I would like to ask you for suggestions how to build up the split set from 4-PW?
I thought about going 4-7 forged and 8-PW with the tours.

Any idea if that would work taking into account that the loft of the tour is 2 degree less?
How to adjust lofts to close the gap?
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