JPX 900 Hot Metal - chrome chipping issues

Oct 2, 2019
Local club/country
Craigielaw GC, UK
JPX 900 Hot Metal 4-pw
Callaway XR SPeed
Hi all I bought a set of hot metal clubs approx 18 months ago, as I get older I wanted a bit more help to maintain my handicap of 3. I play on a links course and was very surprised when my 9 iron got a chip in the base(see picture).
The club was immediately taken to the retailer, American Golf, who then responded that Mizuno would not either replace or refurbish. I could not believe that a club manufacturer with the such a high reputation would not help. I spoke to the Customer Service centre in UK and they advised to have the club sent to Mizuno to have checked for a fault. The retailer is now sending the club back for me. Hopefully this will have a positive outcome before i head to the Sale of Goods Act.
I have played steel/forged irons for approx 50 years an never seen damage such as this on clubs, I have only ever had 3 sets.

This has me thinking.. are these clubs fit for purpose on Links golf courses and is there an inherent fault. Any one else got issues with Hot Metal ??
Aug 30, 2016
Local club/country
Northern Ireland
Yes same thing happened to mine with the chrome flaking. I protected my clubs with oil and were always dry. Mizuno replaced the heads under warranty
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