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May 8, 2021
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GC de Koepel, netherlands
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Hi guys,
Here in the netherlands the NGF (netherlands golf federation) post YouTube videos under the name golf.nl. They also visit courses around the country. Last time they came to my homecourse. Watch it.
Would love to see more stuff like this from all off you mizzi fans.
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Mar 25, 2014
Miami, Florida
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Since I play there much more often than anywhere else, I guess Killian Greens is my home course in Miami.

It'll never be known for being in spectacular condition. It'll never win any awards for the brilliant design, though I'd argue most of the holes are very memorable. It'll never be in contention to host any tournament more important than the Tuesday afternoon shootout. Many would call it a dog track, but it has a certain character that can't be denied. Not to mention, the new BBQ restaurant who is moving into the restaurant space is incredible. What else is there?

When I visit my adopted home of Jamaica, my home course will always be Constant Spring Golf Club. It's a links style course, 9 out and 9 back, but instead of being on the ocean, it's on the side of the mountains rising above the residential areas around Kingston. I think the most common compliment about Constant Spring is, "It's devilish!"
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