Have You Ever Built Your Clubs?


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Mar 25, 2014
Miami, Florida
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Capable as I am of creating great messes beyond anyone's ability to clean up, one of the things I have often enjoyed is building my own clubs, basically just a matter of assembling heads to shafts and remembering the ferrule... Most of the time...

My most recent effort was filled with frustration.

I bought a Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo 3 wood head to match the driver in that set and when it arrived yesterday, I discovered the hosel was gummed up with what I can only imagine was part of a graphite shaft that had been overheated and not properly pulled, but probably twisted out to be disposed of. When I poked at it with things like an ice pick, most of it broke away and came out, but I had to eventually use a twisted wire brush made for cleaning out the hosel and it broke off inside the club head. I managed to pull out most of it, taking nearly an hour to do so, but I finally had to use a router bit to grind most of it into sand.

Then, there was some sort of little red bead rattling around inside the head. I could bounce it around and sometimes see it with a flashlight shining up the neck, but I couldn't get it out. I have no idea what it's there for, unless it came out of the old shaft, but it wouldn't fit to come out. Wondering if it was plastic, I tried to melt it with my soldering iron, but that didn't work.

I decided to pour some super glue gel on it and that seemed to work until his morning, when I tried to clean the gel off the inside of the hosel, at which point it came loose again. The gel never hardened for some reason, even though it had 10 hours to do so.

I just made sure the shaft fit properly, set the ferrule where it needed to be so I would know when the shaft was firmly seated, poured in more epoxy and centering powder than I needed in hopes of it catching the red bead and holding onto it, stuck in the shaft and left it in the corner to cure for a couple days.

In the end, I saved about $80 over buying the club in complete, original form. This time, I'm not sure it was worth it.

Does anyone else put themselves through this, or am I the only one stupid enough to do it?
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