different clubs. help!!!


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Mar 17, 2018
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shandin hills
callaway diablo edge- 4-pw
t m aeroburnner 12 tm reg264
Hi, First post. 15 years ago I got ran over. I had 4 vertabras taken out of my neck and have a cage holding my head on. I sold all my sports equipment. I used DCI gold back then. 1 1/2 years ago I buy a cheap set to see if I could play again. Wilson X-31s. Hit them straight no distance but straight. I always could hit it straight. So I bought Callaway X-20s. I liked them but didn't love them. So I sold them and bought diablo edge. hate them!!!! I don't even want to hit these in my back yard.The face is to thick It's like hitting a iron with a hot dog on the head. I want a thinner head but not ready for a blade. Help me. I have a mizuno mx 23 sw and love it. Until the edges my game was like 6 pars, 3 birdies, 5 bogeys and then lose my mind with 2 or 3 tripples  2  or 3 doubles.this happens at anytime. Maybe 3 hole or 8 or 15. I looked at some 20s. Open for sugestions. Short game is great!  I am 61now and my swing is down to 88. Thank you,  Ed
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