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Sep 2, 2021
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Wexham park
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Cobra f9
I was fitted for a set of 921 HM with Nippon 950 pro gh shafts in +2* upright on the 11th of July at silvermere.

I was quoted the 29th of august for delivery which has been and gone, after a bit of chasing up as no one bothered to let me know why they were late I have been informed that my delivery has now been pushed back to the 15th of October, 14 weeks after my fitting!!!

surely this must be an error?! How can there be people getting theirs within 4-6 weeks yet mine are 3 times longer, after the season is over! And cobra are bragging on Twitter how they have turned out customers irons within a week!

This is the first time I’ve used mizuno and I’m unimpressed so far to say the least!
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