Additional Wedge fitting required?


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Jul 25, 2020
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Hi, I had an excellent Mizuno fitting with Ross at Strathclyde Park Golf Centre today. Level of detail and time spent ensuring I had the correct iron shafts and blend of loft gapping in hybrids. Excited to be going back to hitting Mizuno since the bygone Paragon days which I loved back in the day.

Opting for 2 CBK Hybrids to bridge gap from my 3 wood (15) to 5 iron then Mizuno JPS 919 Hot Metal 5-PW. Awaiting the specs coming through and a quote from the guys in the pro shop.

Bonus was the current offering of a free Mizuno wedge with the purchase. With the set PW being 45 degrees it seems to make sense to add the set 50 degree gap wedge to the mix.

Having thought on it I am now of a mind to drop my Vokey sand and lob and instead just go with the other 2 JPS set wedges (55 & 60) as perfect gapping and my old vokeys are past it anyway

Sadly I never got time to hit a gap wedge or chat to Ross about adding the 55 & 60 to the overall order. As he was a guest fitter at the shop today I do not have means of contacting him directly to ask the following so hoped someone could help a newbie out by answering the following.

Should Ross be able to extract the ideal length/lie/shaft for these 3 wedges from the data acquired today via my 7 iron testing or should I re-book an additional wedge fitting at a later date to ensure I am fitted perfectly? With this amount of outlay I would rather cover all bases and make sure I get it right although equally I don't want to be overly pedantic if rhere is no need to be. No one wants to be that guy.

Really appreciate any advice given.

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