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MP18 MMC with Project X LZ 5.5 - fitting question

Tue Mar 13, 2018 7:49 am

Posted by Oli

Went through an intensive fitting yesterday and finally ended up with MP18 MMC and Project X LZ 5.5, which
has 115 g. 

The values club head speed, ball speed + dispersion have been best by far with this shaft and head compared to Nippon Modus 105 R, KBS Tour 90 R and my own Nippon 950 R with MP 53 (which were fitted end 2010).

So I will be going from Nippon 950 to PX LZ 5.5. Later at home I read, that many people buy the project X shafts with a wrong, too hard flex. I realized that 5.5 is a Regular+ or firm flex and with my club head speed of 76 mph with 6 iron, this could be a bit too much according to theory. On top I realized that there is a 5 - flex with 110 g, which wasn't available during the fitting.

Would you just trust and go with what you have been fitted - or try the lighter flex 5.0 version?
Any experiences with this LZ shaft in regards of flex?

By the way - the MMC werde by far the best head for me. Topped Hot Metal, 900 forged and AP2 by far. Second best was Erixon 565, which were almost on my MP53 level.

Thanks for your feedback/opinion.
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Re: MP18 MMC with Project X LZ 5.5 - fitting question

Tue Mar 13, 2018 9:24 am

Posted by DMT

When you say "try the lighter flex 5.0" do you mean demo or purchase them?

Personal opinion would be if you're unhappy / unsure then try and demo the shaft to put your mind at rest.  If the shaft still isn't available perhaps talk to the fitter and (s)he may be able to reassure you re the one you hit in the fitting.

Do you feel like there could be more improvement over the 5.5? 

Nice choice re MMC.....I haven't bought yet but also had good numbers when I tried them. 
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Re: MP18 MMC with Project X LZ 5.5 - fitting question

Tue Mar 13, 2018 9:03 pm

Posted by WalkerCup

The original Project X iron shafts had a more severe bend profile than the LZ version, having played numerous shafts and playing a full two seasons with Project X 6.5 which were borderline a flex too much, I would defiantly say that the LZ 6.0 ai use in my current irons are like an S200 whilst the original project X 6.0 are more like an S400 /S500 .  So really the Project X LZ  probably play half a flex softer so an LZ 5.5 is more like an R500 / soft stepped S100.

If you pull the trigger on the 5.5 s you'll have less chance of the ball going left , maybe more chance missing right of the green. Any doubt check in with your professional before ordering.  Remember golf clubs are only expensive when you buy the wrong ones!
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