We have 3 more Tour Truck Fitting Events at our Mizuno Performance Centres over the next few weeks so if you want to get fitted for the amazing new MP-18 irons or the record-breaking JPX900's then come along for the full Mizuno fitting experience.

When and Where to book your 45 minute fitting:

23rd September - Royal Birkdale GC, Southport.     01704 552030 or [url]proshop@royalbirkdale.com[/url]

30th September - Gleneagles, Scotland.     01764 662231 or [url]gleneagles.golf.academy@gleneagles.com[/url]

28th October - Burnham & Berrow GC, Somerset.     01278 784545 or [url]golf@burnhamandberrowgolfclub.co.uk[/url]

There will be special deals offered on the day, so don't miss the opportunity to be fitted by the best.

See http://golf.mizunoeurope.com/custom-fit/performance-centres/ for details of all Mizuno Performance Centres and how to contact them.