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MP-18 MMC Fli Hi 6 Iron

Wed Feb 21, 2018 10:47 pm

Posted by Danz

Probably one for MPX to answer - I just want to know if the Fli Hi 6 Iron is available in Europe or not?

Why you ask?...well...I had a second chance to test the MP-18 line up yesterday as I'm almost certainly going to order a split set. As usual the fitting cart only had 6 iron heads and I was about to settle on a split of MMC and SC. I then had a go with a Fli Hi MMC and it was like cheating but with with the same sound, feel, look (at address) plus a few extra yards......it was just so easy.  That got me thinking, maybe a 5-6 Fli Hi, 7-8 MMC and a 9-PW SC.

Looking around the t'interweb, some dealers have the Fli Hi 6 as an option and some don't; the latter being the majority - and I'm sure I read somewhere that the 6 is only available to the US market.

I'd be grateful if you can clear this up as the company I want to (possibly) order the set through don't advertise it as an option.

Ta very much.
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Re: MP-18 MMC Fli Hi 6 Iron

Thu Feb 22, 2018 10:14 am

Posted by Halebopp

Yes, Mizuno Europe has it listed:

http://golf.mizunoeurope.com/golf-clubs ... mc-fli-hi/
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