I'm glad I found this forum, I'm sure I will find plenty of helpful information regarding Mizuno equipment. 
I'm a senior golfer in my early 70's, I love the game, I belong to a semi private club in central British Columbia where I hold a nine handicap.
At present I am keeping my swing going at Golftec and next week I will be fitted for all new Mizuno equipment. The club fitter is exceptional, he has an excellent reputation so I am comfortable putting myself into his hands. 

I've looked at other makes but Mizuno has such an excellent reputation that I have chosen them. The club fitter liked my choice of irons JPX " Hot Metal " 5 - 8 then JPX forged 9, wedge and gap wedge. The woods I'm not too sure on, my swing speed is between 85 - 90 mph. with my present driver. 

According to the fitter Mizuno woods for 2018 are " as good as the rest of them " but he suggested we go to a one degree higher loft in a driver ( my present driver is a Nike " Covert " 10.5 degree Kuro Kage regular shaft ). 
I tested the JPX 900 with a Grand Bassara lightweight shaft and the loft set at 11.5 degrees. I was quite shocked at the results.

First I hit 20 balls using my gamer ball, Callaway Chrome Soft X with my Nike driver then hit the same amount with the JPX 900. I was so surprised when we compared the results there was practically no difference in the launch angle, the grouping with the Mizuno was much tighter than the Nike. Sound and feel was for the most part a toss up, I basically kept my Nike driver for the past six years because the feel was excellent. 

The big difference was distance I averaged a 14 yard gain with the Mizuno driver which for a senior golfer is large. I did find the JPX to have an over abundance of adjustments but that being said I am almost sold on it due to the distance gain over my Nike.