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Re: Long irons

Fri Nov 10, 2017 10:43 am

Posted by Boozler

Kgrove wrote:

Keep in mind any of the forged heads you could have bent up to 2* stronger or weaker as needed. Most of the clubs you're talking about - H5, 718TMB, fli high - are not forged and can have the loft adjusted, but it needs to be done at the factory or by somebody who knows what they're doing. I've struggled to fill the gap between my MP5 4-iron and my 5-wood.

I started with the MPH5 2-iron (bent 1* weak). It is / was a good club, but it was too close to my 5-wood distance so didn't fix my problem (it was still a great driving iron for windy days, but it was more of a 5W replacement than a gap filler). My other complaint about the H5 is it is not as workable as I would like... probably the downside to it being somewhat forgiving, or at least as forgiving as you could expect from a 2-iron.

I'm now playing a Titleist 716TMB 3-iron. At first I hated it, but I've grown to love it. It's not as soft / smooth as the H5, but it better fills the distance gap I needed. In hindsight an H5 3-iron might have been a better choice. I do find the 716TMB a bit more workable. It stings more than the H5 when you miss the center, but does feel good on strongly contacted shots. I also tried out a 3-iron blade, in this case the Titleist blade. It was buttery smooth and exactly what I was looking for.

What that tells me is that I was an idiot for having my MP5 set stop at 4i and should have included the 3i. I could always have strengthened the loft 1* to make it more like a 2.5-iron and split the distance gap between my 4i and 5W a little better. I wish 2-irons were available in more models. Clearly it would be a low volume seller, but it would still be a nice touch.

Thanks Kgrove, great response.

The Titleist T-MB does come with the same stock shaft as my JPX900’s and the 2 iron would maintain my gapping...but as someone pointed out, it’s a pretty expensive club. And I wonder whether the feel would be so totally different to my irons that I just wouldn’t enjoy it.

The Fli Hi 2 iron is 16.5* and the 3 iron 19*. My 4 iron is 21* and with the Boron and subsequent extra distance I seem to get out of this club, I would probably need to go with the 2 iron as I’m guessing the Fli Hi 3 iron would be too close distance wise (or maybe not...no idea). The 2 iron would literally then be my driving iron, my 2nd shot down a long par 5 and maybe even my punch under the trees solution, rather than a gap filler.

Bending another JPX 900 4 iron 2* to give me 19* might work but it does scare me a little having a club tweaked as don’t know enough about it to know if it creates other problems in the clubs address position. And also maybe 19* isn’t enough ‘extra distance’ that I’m looking for.

All replies have been great and really got me thinking. Solution: Mizuno make an 18* JPX 900 Forged 3 iron!!! Ha...if only...just need to decide on a workaround. But with no one having demos of these options I think I’m just going to have to bite the bullet somewhere along the line
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Re: Long irons

Fri Nov 10, 2017 11:34 am

Posted by PaulBoy

I have the same JPX900F irons (4-PW) which I love! - My previous set (MP5) were also 4-PW and I added a hybrid 3 iron to fill the gap between 4 iron & 5 wood - When I got the 900F's I realised I hit the new 4 iron about the same distance as my hybrid 3 iron, but I also changed my woods (also 900's) and the gap between my 4 iron & 5 wood was back again!
I have a pal who is a club builder & has strong ties to Mizuno - He doesn't get new Mizuno gear & usually has older iron, woods & hybrid heads - I got him to make me a 19* MP650 hybrid & as well as becoming one of my favourite clubs in the bag, also fills the gap between 4 iron & 5 wood
Hope that helps?
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