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Mizuno Tour Lite Bag

Tue Sep 19, 2017 7:52 am

Posted by Swansong007

I recently purchased the 2017 Pro Staff Tour Lite bag and then discovered it never had an umbrella holder. I have no space in the main body of the bag for the Umbrella and wondered if you guys have had this issue and what you did about it,. Mizuno Uk suggests putting it in the side pocket but that seems crazy to me as the point would wear a hole in the bag in no time and if its wet when put back in surely it would make the bag smell mouldy? Your advise welcome thanks.
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Re: Mizuno Tour Lite Bag

Thu Oct 19, 2017 9:56 am

Posted by Gabriel14111954

Swansong , I just wrote a reply about the Elite cart bag and then saw your post about the Tour bag.

Mizuno has introduced new bags and I hope they have taken more care with the design on the new range.

I place my umbrella outside the bag. I have an electric cart now but on my push cart i did exactly the same thing. I'm assuming you also use a cart.

My carts have both had some room at the bottom where i can let the umbrella tip rest in. I mean the bottom moulded bag rest on your cart. In both instances it has been the case that the tip of the umbrella drops in and has a very stable position.
On my previous bag , I had a little rope loop which you could slip the umbrella through and then tighten. On the elite bag I have made my own loop which i fixed to the towel hook.

Works fine and is quickly accessible when you need it.
Hope this helps if you havent solved your problem yet.
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