Can anyone who has some good experience with both the JPX 850 and 900 either fairway woods or hybrids give some feedback and comparison? I know I found the drivers to be greatly different with the 850 significantly lower launching and lower spinning than the 900. In fact for me the 850 was so low launching and low spinning as to be nearly unplayable while the 900 tested quite well. From what others have said, they also found the 850 driver lower launching and spinning than the 900 driver, but my case seemed more extreme than most for whatever reason.

I have not heard as much compare and contrast on the fairway woods and hybrids. I'm considering replacing my old TM SLDRs with new-to-me used clubs... 850s would be less expensive for sure. Should I expect to seem huge differences in the 850 and 900 fws or hybrids? Or are the differences mostly cosmetic? I know the ideal answer is to go hit them myself and see, but used clubs are more difficult to locate and I might have to buy them untested (eBay etc).