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Orochi Shafts

Tue May 30, 2017 12:53 pm

Posted by Tomvk77NL

Hey Guys,

I game the JPX 825 Driver, 3 wood and 2 hybrid, I had them fitted with the orochi red eye s shafts 3/4 inch shorter.
It just suits me, first time I didn't had to buy a expensive shaft.
Now recently I snapped the 3wood shaft ( I thought I could hit the Garcia shot from behind a tree, ***** roots....)
So I went to the local shop where I bought the clubs, and ordered the same shaft with same specs. The head went to Mizuno and I picked it up at the shop just yesterday. But now there is a new shaft in, the Orochi 15 shaft, normally not a great problem but this shaft is 10 grams less in weight. ( 75grams for the red eye 3wood shaft, and only 65grams for the 15 shaft). and while on the range yesterday it just didn't feel as comfortable as my old shaft.
What can I do about this? One off the reasons I choose the red eye over the blue eye ( standard shaft for the JPX 825 ) because it is stiffer down at the tip. I guess I feel more comfortable with a stiffer tip because I have a late hand action (wrist), where I get a lot off speed from.

Any off you guys have an idea how I can get a better feel out of this shaft?
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Re: Orochi Shafts

Tue May 30, 2017 6:32 pm

Posted by PaulBoy

Hi Tom ... It may be possible you will get used to the lighter shaft after a while? - Another option might be to add 10g of weight to the shaft & see if it is just the lightness of the new shaft that is causing you problems? - I have done this before with driver shafts after reading a thread on GolfWRX about it - I will see if I can find the thread, but basically you cut a strip of lead tape (@ 6" long iirc?) & place this down the back of the shaft starting just below the grip (so you don't see it at address) - This method does not radically affect the performance of the shaft, it just increases the weight of it
Hope that helps & will update here if I find the thread I was referring to VOILA!
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Re: Orochi Shafts

Wed May 31, 2017 7:46 pm

Posted by Halebopp

I can't help you with fixing that shaft but the Red Eye Orochi is supposedly close to Fujikura Motore F3 and Diamana Blueboard if you decide to swap the shaft for something else.

I personally would love to get my hands on an x-stiff Red Eye driver shaft.
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