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Re: Upgrading my mp

Mon May 15, 2017 1:07 pm

Posted by Celtic_Bil

Yes, helpful info thanks PaulBoy.

Had some chat with Hursty about his and sounds very similar.

Might just have to take a little look...
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Re: Upgrading my mp

Fri May 19, 2017 8:24 pm

Posted by DGMP

Celtic_Bil wrote:

PaulBoy wrote:

G'day Terry ... There's no mention of you having tried the JPX900 Forged yet? - I definitely recommend you do try them - I used to play (& still have) a set of MP60's - When I tried the 900F I was playing MP5's which I hit well & loved - Although quite forgiving for a blade style club, this was the killer for me - A badly struck shot with an MP5 went about 60% for me, whereas the same miscue with a 900F goes about 90% - I also noticed the expected distance gain (900F are 3* lower loft than standard) and picked up nearly 2 clubs extra distance - The real deciding factor for me however was the design of the 900F - A nice small head, especially in the short irons - One of the minor gripes I had with the MP5 was the head size of the short irons, especially the wedge - The 900F wedge is small & looks like an 8 iron - I have had my 900F for a few weeks now & have been getting on really well with them - As one of the only sets of irons I have ever bought new, I will be keeping them for a long time & have just ordered a GW (50* to bridge the gap from the 45* PW)
Hope this helps & good luck with your search

Hi Paul

I'm currently playing MP5 and really like them.  Not sure if I could easily adapt to a 2 club difference, especially when crossing over the wedges.

Do you also notice much distance gain in the 9i & PW, as the loft difference (from std) drops to 2* with the 9i and 1* with the PW?

What was the gripe with the MP5 short irons.  Do the heads appear a little small?

Thanks.  CB.

I have a set of MP 5's and do not mind at all that the MP5 PW, 9, 8 iron etc... have relative large heads.
I think the MP 5 wedge and short iron head size is in harmony with Mizuno's large head size T5 or T7 sand wedges and lob wedges.
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