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What's your Mizuno story?

Wed Feb 15, 2012 12:35 pm

Posted by sjaclark

After the thread directed at me and seeing some questions asking how MPX and Grilled Cheese became involved with Mizuno, I thought it would be good if everyone shared how they began using Mizuno equipment...I'll start.

My first Mizuno irons were a set of custom fitted MP-33's. They were also the first set of irons that I ever got that were brand new out of the wrapper, having always had 2nd hand clubs up until that point. I was 16 years old at the time and I had a weekend job at a driving range/pro shop while at school. I saved up for months to get them. 2-PW S400 dynamic gold shafts. They arrived in the middle of the summer and the day after I got them I was playing in a local 36 hole scratch tournament the following day. I put them straight in the bag, finished 2nd and recouped something like £200 in vouchers my first day with them...by the end of the summer they had more than paid for themselves in prize vouchers!

Since then I've had MP37's, MP67's, MP68's, MP58's and currently MP-63's.

What's your Mizuno story?
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Re: What's your Mizuno story?

Wed Feb 15, 2012 12:53 pm

Posted by MPX

That's an iron.
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Re: What's your Mizuno story?

Wed Feb 15, 2012 1:01 pm

Posted by Hammy

Very late in getting to Mizuno's. A couple of years ago I bought the 3,4&5 MX200 irons at a car boot sale and liked them that much that I bought a set of MX300's when my main irons were due replacement.

While you still have a nice shiny 2 iron from your first set of new clubs my 3 iron from my first set of new clubs is slightly the worse for wear. Still it is only 46 years old.
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Re: What's your Mizuno story?

Wed Feb 15, 2012 1:22 pm

Posted by SamW

When I first moved up from ladies clubs (I had Wilson Patty Berg Defenders) as a junior I guess about 22 years ago I was fitted for Mizuno Astron FWD's (these were cast clubs of the ping eye 2 kind).

I used these clubs for a long time, I still maintain they were great clubs to hit.

After that I had a brief incursion into TaylorMade Burner irons (with bubble shafts) which on the plus side did go really far compared to the Astrons, but on the negative side my scoring went to * as I'd occasionally get freak strikes where my PW would gain 35 extra yards.

So after that I got fitted for Mizzy MP-32's, my iron striking at the time I switched was really supreme, I was the master of hitting it to 10 feet from 190 then 3 putting. However I bought these while my wife was pregnant with the first of 2 kids and consequently I began a 6 year layoff from golf.

Early last year I decided that needed to end, but I also decided after such a long layoff hitting the MP-32's reliably might be a bit of a stretch, so I went and got some MP-52's as I felt they were a little easier to hit but looked very similar to the 32's.

Now I play my golf with 52's and the 32's live in the car so I use them more often than not at the range.
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Re: What's your Mizuno story?

Wed Feb 15, 2012 1:54 pm

Posted by TimC

When I took up golf about 3 years ago, it was simple. I went to the pro shop, gave them my budget, he gave me a bunch of 6 irons...Callaway, TM and few other brands.

It didn't take me long to realise that the Mizuno's felt so much better than anything else!

So the love affair began...all my clubs are Mizuno now as I simply trust the brand! So much so that I have to import most of my Mizuno gear as we get such a limited offering down here.
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Re: What's your Mizuno story?

Wed Feb 15, 2012 3:01 pm

Posted by lessel

I started golf in the late '60s using my father's old clubs forged in about 1935, therefore small with a thin top line. I then gave up when I moved to London in 1970 (too expensive for my £20/week salary). When I started again in 1995 I started with some Mizunos, can't think of the models, but could buy the clubs individually so bought the odd numbers first then later the even numbers. The next clubs were Lynx Black Cats (2nd hand) then a short time later a set of Comp EZs, then it was time to get back to blades so I bought a set of MP33 which lasted me 7 years. Now I have a set of MP68s
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Re: What's your Mizuno story?

Wed Feb 15, 2012 4:19 pm

Posted by Alastair Gibson

I played golf growing up from about age 12-18.

I was pretty decent and got down to a 2 hcp.

When i started work aged 17 in 1994 (on the farm!) I bought myself a set of Titleist DCI's, great irons, Sam Torrance was playing them!!!

Anyway the nature of the farm is that when the sun shines one works, so that more or less allowed me to play 3 or 4 times a year only. Eventually i pretty much gave it up.

In 2006 i made a pretty radical career change and due to working shifts, got a chance to play Golf again. Although by this time my first hobbie was various forms of Martial arts.

I joined a golf club and went to the local Pro to try a few new sets of irons. I wanted either the Titleist Iron of the time, i don't even remember what it was now, or Ping G5's as they were the clubs getting raved about.

The Pro (Craig Donnelly at Balbirnie Park) got Titleist and Ping LH irons in for me to try but also had an MX25 LH club and told me that he believed this to be the best forgiveness/workability Iron available.

I hit them all, the Miz was so much better than the other two for me so i ordered a set after getting a custom fit at Cumbernauld.

Have since had MP60 for a short time and my current MP59's.

At the start of last year i decided to substantially scale back my Martial Arts training (it got sore getting a hammering from younger fitter guys) and pretty much as of now i'm totally bitten with the idea of getting to scratch before my 40th birthday (i have 5 years).

Yes i know you asked me for my Mizuno story but i had a spare 5 minutes so thought i would tell you my life story instead.
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Re: What's your Mizuno story?

Wed Feb 15, 2012 4:30 pm

Posted by Nurburgring151

First started using mizuno gear long before i took up golf start back in my school days with some football boots. they lasted me for a few years and were the most comfortable boots i have ever owned. started to play golf three years ago and bought a cheap package set but after six months knew they werent right. so when to a local pro shop and he had a second hand set of mx17s cheapish hit them a few times and loved the feel and forgveness. then jan last year made up my mind to be more actively playing and practicing so got fitted for full set of jpx pros and mpt-11 wedges and added a mp 101 putter in the summer and recently aquired from a friend a krakatoa putter. for a full mizuno set up.
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Re: What's your Mizuno story?

Wed Feb 15, 2012 4:33 pm

Posted by One Putt

Well I was always a titliest fan until I started playing about with an old tp9 5 iron I found lying around in the back of our pro shop. Having taken this out on the course and the range I was sold on the "feel" of mizuno irons. Very soon after, just like sjaclark, I ordered a brand new set of mp33 2-pw s-300 and the rest is history. I've never looked back.

I had a 3 year break from the game from 2005 due to lack of enthusiasm and a niggling back problem which didnt seem to want to go away. Since I've been playing again I've had a few sets of mizuno irons starting with the mp 37's which never really lived up to my old 33's unfortunately. (my opinion) After those I managed to persuade my mate to lend me his 67's until my 68/58 combo set arrived (very nice of him as they were a year or so old and had barely hit a ball!) Loved the 68 but never really got on with the 58 for some reason.
At the end of the last season I decided to move avay from the full on blade and give myself a little more forgivness in the longer irons so i changed to my current set up of 53/63's and I have to say the 63's are just brilliant, really solid powerful flight, the 53's for me especially in the 5+6 iron aren't quite as penetrating so maybe will be replaced by the 63's before the season starts properly but all in all mizuno first choice every time! I'm only a putter away from the 100% mizuno bag so if the Redwood misbehaves then a T101 may just find its way in!
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Re: What's your Mizuno story?

Wed Feb 15, 2012 5:17 pm

Posted by neil72

The first set of irons that my Dad bought for me at around age 13, was a set of Mizuno Bell 3. I wish i had started out with blades, but we didn't have much money and these were half the price. I used this all the way through my junior years until i went off to University., and i bought myself a set of Titliest DCI 962.

I used these all the way through my 4 year degree, and then when i stayed at University for a PhD i invested in a second hand set of Mizuno TP-11 that i picked up for 80 quid. Actually, one of my team mates picked them up at a second hand store for me and said i should use blades. That's when i fell in love with Mizuno irons. I should post the picture of the TP-11 2-iron butter-knife. For comparison with the MP-33 above.

I used these for the next few years, and then i moved off the Michigan. I didn't play much golf, just a few times a year, and stuck with the old blades. Then i moved to California and got a decent paying job, so it was time to buy my first set of Mizuno irons. Got myself some MP-32. I also experimented with some Mizuno woods. Had the MP-600 driver, the F-60 3-wood and CLK hybrid, at various points in time along-side the MP-32s.

Once i had worn those out i got myself some MP-63 last year. This time i also went for Mizuno wedges for the first time, MP T-11, and love them (I had Cleveland 588, and Vokeys before), although i have ditched the Mizuno woods for TalylorMade driver and Titliest 3-wood and hybrid these days.
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