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Buffer Zone CSS

Sun Apr 15, 2018 4:43 pm

Posted by WalkerCup

Have you missed the buffer by a single shot this weekend or maybe two days running?!!  Sorry if it's old hat but for single figure guys / cat 1 it's always been an issue since the CSS inception.  Interested to hear peoples thoughts?

suppose you have a dog of a round and somehow sign for 23 point or maybe 27 points, you'll miss the buffer by miles , however, playing in tough conditions or maybe after an errant shot whereby you have had a no score hole you work away and score 35 points to salvage your round  / shoot a net score 2 over par net only to find you have missed the buffer zone by a shot.  Both scenarios recieve the dreaded 0.1 increase , hardly seems right?  The old handicapping system was much fairer as it discouraged bandits and handicaps were more realistic.  If you were off 10 handicap and shot a 6 over par score you'd find yourself off 8 the following week or if you shot 2 over on the round you might be reduced to 7 or even 6.  The downside was there were a small group of chaps who would enter some of the top flight amateur events off 1 handicap (court for British amateur was far higher then) and shoot rounds in the high 80s etc.

It would seem fairer that the buffer was revised so that it was 5 shots all round before an upward adjustment , after all 54 handicaps are ini use for men and women nowadays. 

What do you think? I know some of you have society handicaps which seem far more realistic?
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Re: Buffer Zone CSS

Sat Apr 21, 2018 11:41 pm

Posted by hursty

Firstly, there is no solution that can fully make the game/handicapping scenario fair for amateurs, end of.

Any competition whereby handicaps are involved with weather/course conditions changing throughout the day is going to have an effect on scores, CSS adjustments are meant to account for it but personally I think it's a load of billox.

I can sort of see where you're coming from by saying regardless of what category you are then 5 shots above handicap should be reached  before the 0.1 increase takes effect but but I disagree for the following reason:

Taking best to worst case scenario you're effectively saying a cat 1 golfer can play 100% worse than their handicap (5.4 can shoot 10 over and not get an increase) but a 53 handicapper can only shoot 11% over their handicap without an increase?

Handicaps are there for a reason, lower handicappers are where they're at for numerous reasons, ability, luck (CSS, ESR, Fake Scores) commitment, practice, hard work etc the list goes on, to say that the errors allowed for all abilities should be the same is what I disagree with.

The current system is your buffer zone is what your category is, ie cat 1 is 1 shot, cat 3 3 shots etc, yes I know it seems harsh for the cat 1 golfers but up until now it's been a ***** site harder for the cat 4/5 golfers to try and make buffer zone than it is for the "so called better" golfer to make it.

I guess what in trying to say is that handicaps are there for a reason, some people play regularly to them, some people don't, no matter how well you play chances are someone has had a "blinder" no matter how bad you play, chances are someone else has had more of a "stinker" than you.

Remember the good shots, scores, rounds. Don't even recognise the none good shots, rounds, scores.

Happy golfing :)
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