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JPX900 Forged vs MP18 MMC

Sun Jan 07, 2018 11:59 pm

Posted by Steve Smith

I am looking for a new set of Miz irons

To be honest I am set in my ways since I first converted to Pro 2's in 2001 and would never use any other irons now.

I also have MP32's (which in my humble opinion are just the sweetest best feeling irons Mizuno have ever made. Butter soft, I dont know why, maybe they just suit my swing)

I also bought an old beaten up set of MP14's (3 to PW) for 90 quid out of the second hand bin at American Golf in Newcastle UK about 10 years ago. They had S400's 1 inch shorter and were horrible. I know that these were primarily sold in the US instead of the TP11 in the UK. I had them reshafted with R300's and sent them to a rechromer for full restoration. In total they have cost me about 700 quid but now I have the most beautiful set of MP14's in the world. I got a knackered SW online and had that restored and a 2 iron in good nick from the states. There is a 1 iron in the US which I wish I could get but he does not ship to the UK. I have only gamed then a couple of times in the summer and to be honest even with the weaker lofts I do not notice any distance loss against the MP32's. I also got a banged up set of MS1 pro persimmons (1 + 3 + 5) and had them restored by the same guy. 

Anyone know where I could get a nice display case for these??? I think it would be lovely to just have them mounted and maybe take them out once a season when the fairways are hard so the narrow soles would be OK.

Anyway sorry for babbling on fellow Mizuno fans.

I am looking for a more forgiving set now. I like the JPX900 Forged and they get rave reviews but the MP18 MMC are just gorgeous but very expensive. 

Obviously I will try out both and get fitted but what are your thoughts??

The MMC's are at the "game improvement" end of the MP18 range and the theory is that the sweet spot is moved more toward the centre as opposed to the heel with the titanium and tungsten inserts.

I prefer the look of the MP18's but the JPX900 Forged are cheaper and allegedly higher ball speed and more forgiving

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Re: JPX900 Forged vs MP18 MMC

Wed Jan 10, 2018 10:09 am

Posted by Celtic_Bil

Don't rule out the MP18 SC Steve.

I went for a fitting with the MMC in mind and hit the SC a lot better.  Great clubs and very easy to hit.

I assume you'll be popping across to Close House for a fitting? :)
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Re: JPX900 Forged vs MP18 MMC

Tue Feb 20, 2018 8:22 pm

Posted by Corb72


Ive just brought a new set of MIzuno JPX 900 4-PW Forged irons and a MP18 MMC Fli Hi 3 Iron and i love them both. 

I used to play Ping I20's 3 - PW a few years back and got on with these and then i wanted more forgiveness so cahange to Callaway XR's this was my biggest mistake had loads of issues with them so decided to call it a day and went to my local AGD store. I got fitted with JPX 900 forged with a Nipon Modus stiff shaft and i had the 3 iron Fli Hi because i hate hybrids.

So far on the rounds i have played i have shot (touch wood) 2 x 34 points. 1 x 36, 2 x 38 and a 43 points so my handicap is hopefully coming back down  
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