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Wed May 03, 2017 7:40 pm

Posted by martynewts

Played yesterday morning, and went out early with a friend, on walking  to the tenth tee was approached by a senior member saying we couldn't play as the seniors book the course until midday after the bank holiday! Not only this but they do this every Monday!  Now I'm all for block booking, but whst I don't find acceptable is that they are allowed to block out 42 tee times when they only need 20! On contacting the club they have told me this is an agreement they have had for 20 years! Perhaps it's just me, but are no point does my membership say 6 and a half days not 7! 

Rant over 

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Re: Frustration

Wed May 03, 2017 8:14 pm

Posted by Fluffywan

One of several reasons I quit Chobham was just that. Senior section block booked whole mornings, including early on a Saturday morning for their cliquey little groups. Monday and Thursday are blocked out until 1 (oh and don't start me on raking bunkers and repairing pitchmarks). Last 4 club captains have been seniors and they've run the club entirely for the benefit of the 50+ age group. The club I was a member of in Oxford was also captained exclusively during my time there by members from the senior section but run for the benefit of the entire club so this is not a gripe about seniors. 
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Re: Frustration

Wed May 03, 2017 8:41 pm

Posted by martynewts

A club should be run for all members, tee times shouldn't be blocked out so a select few can have the course to themselves. The fact that the club pro has said they can't do anything as this is the agreement they have with the seniors! Well it's not hard to end that agreement! 

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Re: Frustration

Thu May 04, 2017 7:39 am

Posted by PaulBoy

I can understand the frustration Marty (& Fluffy!) - I am a member of another Surrey club & there are a large proportion of senior golfers there (me included) - We do not however have the sort of control over tee times you both experienced - The only tee times the seniors can book are for inter club matches & these would involve 8 tee times - Most of the seniors play in club rollups, but these are not restricted to senior golfers - We have lots of players of all ages & people who are still working, who play in the rollups - The rollups do have tee times booked, but again no more than a maximum of 9 tee times are allocated to these - There certainly aren't any senior events booked at the weekend, where all tee times are booked online or, for the computer-phobic, via the Pro shop
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Re: Frustration

Thu May 04, 2017 10:06 am

Posted by Wizzle

This sounds exactly like the sort of frustration that many clubs experience.  The change in my club over the past decade has been unbelievable since we addressed the age imbalance (joining fees were dropped for under 35s for example) the focus has shifted away from cheap pints to course investment.  The club went from struggling to being in the top 100 and now has a waiting list for several categories.

Cultural change is hard, if you try and can't change anything, maybe look for a more open minded club?

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Re: Frustration

Sat May 06, 2017 3:19 pm

Posted by zombie

If you have alternative clubs you could join then ditch this dinosaur club and let them slowly go out of business. 
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Re: Frustration

Sun May 07, 2017 10:09 am

Posted by Terry

Good post . I am currently contemplating leaving my club of 13 years as it is heavily orientated to competitions with competition fees of $16 for  members as well as $1450 membership and as much as I enjoy comps sometimes a quiet social hit is good medicine. 
Monday  7-10.30.  Veterans comp.including associates Usually 120 + . Course available after 1330
Tursday Social day
Wednesday 8-930 Associates , 10-1245 Men's Wednesday comp. fully booked always. Course available after 1330
Thursday. Social day
Friday  Open Comp  0630-1245  Usually only 60/120 players .
Saturday 630-1245. 230 +  . Course available after 1500 (slow)
Sunday 8-930  .Open Comp.. Before and after up till 1230 social groups
The weekday afternoons Mondayto Thurs. are taken up to a large extent by our Asian members who run their own unofficial comps . I must say though they are very quick. All the clubs in my area have a hard core of Korean/ Taiwanese/Chinese Couples . They each have their own groups and  are here to mind their grandchildren who are at the Universities.on student visas and boy do they love their golf. They are lovenly called car park members as they never frequent the clubhouse.

On top of that are Corporate days .
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Re: Frustration

Sun May 07, 2017 4:53 pm

Posted by DennisMiller

There's a similar problem at a club near here. The course is owned by the Miccosukee Indian Tribe.

Whenever any of their tribal officers reserves, they stop any tee times to create a 30 minute space in front of the officers. If you already have a tee time within that space, you are made to wait.

Then they don't let anyone on the course for 30 minutes after the officers tee off.

They send a ranger out with any officer who comes to play and if he catches up with a group and has to wait, even for just a minute, the ranger will approach the group in front to tell them the officer gets to go through.

If the tribal chief shows up, it's even more ridiculous.

Without bothering to look in a mirror, the tribe is now trying to sell the club because they don't understand why so many members have dropped out and why people don't want to play there. This used to be a fine club where the season ending Web.com Tour championship event was held. Apparently the tribe got upset because they wanted to be paid a lot more than the tour would agree to for the use of the place during the tournament.
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