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Re: LPGA - Lexi Ruling, Right or Wrong?

Wed Aug 16, 2017 2:13 am

Posted by 1222tmiller

This is 3 phase to me:

#1  Unless you have video on all players all the time, you should not be allowed to use video replay to penalize any player.  Whether someone calling in or an real official.  If a player asked for video replay to help stay within the rules, I am OK with that.  Like were a ball went into the water.

#2 Lexi broke the rules.  

#3 The rules are stupid.  One change has already taken place and will start next year.  You can fix any issue with the green, ball marks and spike marks.  Should have always been that way.  And I would change the rule that you must place the ball within the circumference of the ball when you mark it and put it back. Think about when you move your ball mark out of someone's line and put it back. Lexi moved her ball mark about 3/8 of an inch, likely about how much you would be off when moving your mark for another player.  
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Re: LPGA - Lexi Ruling, Right or Wrong?

Wed Aug 16, 2017 7:48 pm

Posted by Gabriel14111954

Don't agree with you about the rules being stupid 1222tmiller.  

And do not agree at all with your 3/8" leeway for replacing the ball. That's just short of a centimetre metric. Certainly everybody can replace a ball in front of a coin without getting it so bl***y wrong! And without needing to have so much latitude for sloppiness.... also after replacing your marker back to where it originally was. 

Luckily the R&A as well as the USPGA have kept a tight reign on the rules for so long. Otherwise we would have every Tom , *****  & Harry wanting to change the rules to suit their own particular view of what is fair. 
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