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Jun 18, 2018
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Deemac, I'm back from lurking about while Mizuno figured out dealing with GDPR and it would appear TW isn't going to sign with Mizuno anytime soon and so goes the conspiracy theory Eldrip and His Royal Hiney had slash banned as a part of the negotiations to play the best feeling forgings in golf

He does look good, lost his short game yips, IMPRESSIVE! Gone too is his gimpy walk, for now, but the walk or body driving the walk is the reason he cannot win going forward playing full tilt golf while relying upon a SS in the top 2% on tour.

Overall, the former golfer really is a pussycat, gone are his winning days. We can now watch him because the media love the train wreck cum poster boy for making week-ends on the number, selling hike gear and wedging himself into conversations like the Ryder Cup where he never really was a team player.

Poor guy continues to come up short on drugs, yachts and women...
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