True Temper Dynalite Gold XP R300

Jul 30, 2018
Local club/country
Little Hay UK
JPX 925 Pro 9 - 4 iron + Mizuno wedges
Titliest 915 D2 9 1/2% Reg
Help I have a problem with a set of JPX825 pro's I brought to replace my old MX23, which had the True Temper Dynalite Gold XP R300 shaft fitted so I thought that shaft would be fine. But has that shaft been updated, so that it's now heavier and stiffer than what would have been in my old MX23's ? Were I used to have no trouble with my old 3 and 4 iron's the new 4 iron get's left at home. They seem a lot heavier and other's who know more about this than me, say they are a lot stiffer than the old ones. Is it that the shaft has been updated, or could they just have the wrong label on the shaft !
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