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Steve Smith

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Jun 16, 2014
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Newcastle upon tyne
Hello guys

I just want to put something up here that I hope you will understand where I am coming from a bit.

Firstly let me say that I am not anti technology in any way. I game an ST180 and full set of JPX900 Hot Metals.

My course is playing very much like a links now so I decided to have a go with some relics.

I have the MS1 Persimmons 1,3,5 restored to new and MP14 irons 2-SW similarly restored to new by a professional rechromer

My observations were as a former 3 handicap

Driver - much more consistent an workable, probably only 15 to 20 yards short of a "nailer" with the modern driver.

Fairway woods - persimmons are nice from a good lie, otherwise hard work.

Long irons - no contest, the hybrids are so soo much easier.

Mid/short irons - less forgiving but much more feel and control and spin

Chipping/bunkers - forged blades come into their own here, much more feel and control.

Blade putter vs mallet - very good for long putts distance judgement on good fast greens, but not forgiving within 10 feet without a perfect stroke.

Would be interested to hear any other Muzzy fans opinions or experiences

Cheers guys

Smitty :)
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