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Mar 25, 2014
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Does anyone have one of the Pro 6 Way Stand Bags?

I'm looking for a stand bag that's slightly larger than my older Mizuno stand bag, but I'm curious about a few things.

My current bag has a 9.5" top, that distance being from the front to the back. The width varies slightly from about 8" down to about 6" on the top end where you would keep the woods. Unlike the other bags on the Mizuno site, the specs on the Pro 6 bag don't say what size it is.

Next, the strap system... I'm usually only going to carry the bag from my house to my car and from my car to however far away the riding cart is. All the same, i hate having the 4 way strap in the way of the pockets when it's on a riding cart. I enlarged the picture and I see it's got a snap system on it. Is that secure enough to remove for the round and then snap it back on when I get home? I'd much prefer a single strap, but I guess I'm such a minority in that regard these days that I don't count anymore.

Personally, if I was allowed to design a bag for myself, it would be a cart bag made of the typical lightweight materials you would find in a carry bag. It would look like a smaller version of a staff bag with a circular 9.5" top that has about 5-6 dividers and a simple pocket system like staff bags tend to have, not the overly zippered scientific atempts everything has now. And it would have a single strap... The bags I see on the web that I like, (mostly on ebay), are apparently all from Japan. I wish we could get them in America through the Mizuno site.
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