Mp20 hmb Vs mph5 Vs 919 forged

Steve Smith

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Jun 16, 2014
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The Chromoly will give you a higher ball speed with more penetrating flight and more distance and forgiveness but still giving a relatively soft nice "feel" that the other GI brands simply can not offer. The 919 forged are lovely, not as long or forgiving but awesome workability, feel and strike feedback but still giving you a bit of help. Depends what you want to achieve, we are both in the 11 HCP mid-range, but you should definitely be fitted. Shaft type, length, flex, weight, torque, kick point + lofts and lies are extremely important. Put it this way - Brooks has won 4 majors with the JPX 900 Tour model so even the pro's are moving away from out and out blades now. I currently have 900 Hot Metal's in the bag but still game my MP14's, MP32's and MP37's from time to time in the summer.

Hope this is of some help Martin

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