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Jun 11, 2018
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Hi all,

I know there's an "Equipment"-thread debating a mixed bag of MMC Fli-Hi and JPX 900 Forged, but as one of my questions is regarding loft adjustments in the MMC Fli-Hi, I decided to open a knew one here in "Custom fitting":

I would love to get a MMC Fli-Hi long iron as a driving iron for my set. But as I game the JPX 900 Forged, my 4-iron only has 21* of loft. Having said that, the MMC Fli-Hi 3-iron with its 19* of loft may not be very well suited. The 2-iron with 16.5* of loft on the other hand might get too close to my 3-wood. Of course, a proper fitting session would be the best way to find out. Unfortunately, I'm only able to try a 2- or 3-iron in standard specs which really isn't ideal because my 900 Forged are 2" long and 4* upright in mizuno specs (yeah, I'm pretty tall ;)) and I won't be able to really take enough information from that. I might compare the 6-irons from both sets an try to figure out what the situation at the top of the iron setup could look like. But that's really kind of a guessing game, even though I will definitely use this as a starting point.

Just assuming the 900 Forged 6-iron (27*) will go a little further than the MMC Fli-Hi 6-iron (28*), I'm thinking about the following options:

1. Bending the MMC Fli-Hi 3-iron to 18*. That's what I would really like to do. The MMC Fli-Hi is not on the list on the website with the irons for which no loft alterations are possible. So I guess adjusting the loft is indeed possible. It should also give me a rather nice offset transition from my 4-iron to the 3-iron when bent strong. BUT: I looked up the bounce angle of the MMC Fli-Hi elsewhere and had to find out that the 3-iron already has 0* of bounce. In other words: Bending the 3-iron strong and, thus, decreasing the bounce may be a terrible idea. Do you think so, too? When (primarily) used from the tee, it might not hurt too much...
Bending the MMC Fli-Hi 2-iron weak (maybe 17,5*): I'm not sure about the distance I can expect (because of the longer shaft in comparison to the 3-iron and the stronger loft; I know: only half a degree, but still...). Also the offset might get too little to be comforting.

2. Bending the 900 Forged 1* weak (probably from 4- to 8-iron; might need to consider this again): This might be a better alternative because there won't be any issues with bounce in the 3-iron. Also by reducing the offset in the 900 Forged a little the different clubs should flow into each other nicely. But that's the option that takes a little more effort.

Sorry for the long text, but I would love to hear your thoughts on the options. Thank you!

EDIT: I found a threat in an other forum that discusses this very situation. Bottom line: Get the MMC Fli-Hi 3-iron in my specs an see how it works. Then decide whether and in what way to adjust the loft angles. Sounds like a solid suggestion...
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