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Aug 23, 2018
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Looking forward (like a lot of people) to see the JPX 919 Tours after the embargo is lifted.

Currently in some Ping I200's & glide2 wedges but very disappointed in the tolerance & custom fit ability of Ping UK these days so planning on coming back into the Mizuno fold after 15+ years away...

My question is, having 'put up' with irons & wedges I felt were like bricks (and recently discovered were E4-E5 swing weight and irons 3-pw at D9 what could i expect from the 919 irons with the B heads at say 1 1/4 longer than Mizzy standard? D5/D6 would be great.

Im not the worlds best golfer, but am a decentish player and think it will really help not to be swinging absolute ton weights :)

All the best!

Jonny M

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Jun 13, 2011
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My understanding is that current Mizzy irons have a "standard" swing weight tolerance of D0-D3. As you are already aware, they have A and B weight heads to counter shaft changes. Industry standard info is that + 0.5 inches to shaft adds 3 swing weight points. Lighter B weights will counter the effect of 0.5 longer.

So on that basis, taking D2 as the standard, with B heads and +1.25 would give D2 + (3 x .75) = something like D4.25.

If you spec a specific swing weight on the custom order, Mizzy will try to get as close to that as they can - but of course other things will effect how it actually comes out such as actual weight of shaft, whether shaft is counterbalanced of not (KBS tours and C-Tapers) and to a lesser extent weight of grip.

Whatever, it would be significantly lighter than than your current bricks! Market view seems to be that Mizzy's do have a slightly lower swing weight than most other OEM's.
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