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May 18, 2009
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Just a quick post to give Bearwood and Adam a big thumbs up for the fitting I went through on Saturday.

Professional from start to finish. I did go in thinking that I'd up with a blended set of MMC's and SC's, walked out ordering a full set of 919 Forged. Number and performance rule.. ..

Amazing facilities, prettiest range I've ever been on. I also used the brilliant practice facilities for an hour or so, chipping and putting. Wonderful setup.

The optimiser came up with a few recommendations. Top of the list was the KBS Tour S which I did like. Second was the AMT white which I was not fussed on and then the Nippon 120 Pro Midus in X which again was not as good as the KBS.

KBS was very good and I would have settled, spin was a little lower than i hoped as was peak height and decent angle was at 43 which is not really ideal.

Top of the others to try was the Project X LZ 6.0 and this just flat out performed. Smash factor went up, height went up, spin went up (which I needed) and decent angle went to 46. Carry up to 160 which is a big 7 iron for me.

Shows the importance of custom fit and trying the alternative shafts, not just the top 3.

I've has my 53s for 6 years and would have only changed if there was a distinct improvement, 12 yards and better flight characteristics said there was. Clubs ordered, now eagerly awaiting arrival :).

Anyway, I'd highly recommend Bearwood and Adam. Mizuno do things well, the ethos from manufacturer to fitting is top notch.


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Apr 7, 2009
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Thanks for the feedback. They've a great facility there.
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