Crazy fitting but fun.


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Apr 6, 2016
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Hi guys,

I had a chance to do a custom fitting with the 919 tours yesterday. In the past I have always been adviced via the swing dna to go with ctaper 130x, kbs tour 130x and x100. Since my last swing dna I have had some lessons to change my shoulder position at impact and now I got this result: px 6.5, px lz 6.5 and amt x100. I got to try the three shafts and hit about 100-120 shots if not more (I was tired after about one hour). With the 7-iron and px lz 6.5 I had 6500 spinn at average, good launch and what surprised me the most - I had a smashfactor of 1.43!!!

I did not have the time to test more shafts but I am thinking it might be unnessecary when I got that smashfactor with the px lz 6.5?!?!

Anyone with experience who thinks I should try more shafts or just take the px lz and run?



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Jun 7, 2011
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i had a fitting last week, hadn't really heard of the LZ shaft tbh when i saw it i assumed it was Ladies :)

anyway, long story short my numbers were better and the dispersion was tighter with the LZ so im now the proud owner of a new set of JPX900 with LZ shafts :)
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