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Nov 18, 2012
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Hello ... I can't answer your question about how the device works out the slope / distance but unless you have different rules in the US you aren't allowed to use this facility in competitions? - Why bother with such a device? - I have a Leupold rangefinder & it has been working perfectly for the 3 or 4 years I have owned it
Battery lasts about 6 months & as I play at least 3 times a week, that is pretty impressive
Good luck ... Paul


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Dec 3, 2015
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I am looking into purchasing a golf rangefinder. How does this piece of equipment determine the slope and change the distance based on that?

Most rangefinders that have slope capablity have "accelerometer based inclinometers" that measure slope angle and then compute the estimated distance , basic geometry, and then let the golfer guess which club to use. You probably have the inclinometer capability on your phone and in the past I have downloaded an App to test slopes on some of the greens.
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